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Relationships are for sure something painful. If you stand alone, you suffer. If you're with someone, you might as well suffer one day or an other. The reason why I didn't wrote a single word on this shitty blog since what seemed for ever was a girl I dated and then loved. She was from the upper-class and I was still a punk in my heart. She brought me nothing but pain in the end, and despite all the shit I went through I still believe in what punk gave me. That girl broke my heart like no other before, but even in the hardest days I never lost the will to fight. I never forgot where I come from and the music that made my life something more than just blind consumption. As a cathartic way to end things with this girl in my head six months later, I felt it was good to share with you people the records I listened the most during those awful days.

01. Fuck the System - THE EXPLOITED (2003)

The day I was dumped I was listening for some days to Dritte Wahl's 'Delikat' when I received this text telling me it was over. My first reflex was to call her, just for meeting someone cold as fuck and who had clearly no intention to tell me what was really going on. I threw my phone to the closest wall, I was so sick, I just got back to the tunes that shaped my shitty youth : the Exploited embodied anger, and I was fucking angry. This record is one of my favorite ones (here, my very first article in french). For nearly a month I only listened to this fucking scottish band. A violent dirty punk sound, dumb lyrics about fucking a lot of things or about how much we hate the bourgeoisie and all the shit it conveys, perfect ! Was I someone disturbed, full of negative feelings, coming from a broken family ? So be it ! Wattie had a lot to say about his ex-wife on this one, with tracks as 'Why are you doing this to me ?', 'You are a fucking bastard' or the gorgeous 'Was it me' which is definitely the best Exploited song. The day they came in my shitty homtown, the circle was full. I was finally free from her, just as I was free from my first love the first time I saw them. So thanks Wattie !

02. Jomsviking - AMON AMARTH (2017)

If you read this shitty blog, you'd probably know death metal ain't really my cup of tea. To be honest I listen from times to times some metal, and I hung out a lot with metalheads during the years I fucked no one (coincidence ? I don't think so...), but come on... death metal is generally speaking pretty lame. Yeah I know, it's technical blah blah blah, come on, fuck this shit, listen to real trash like Green Day, dildos ! I got bored to death with this kind of metal, but one of the few bands I respect in this trend, along with the almighty Bolt Thrower or Entombed, is Amon Amarth. Yep, the death metal ultimate pop stars, only second to Arch Enemy. Sure, this band uses Vikingxplotation 'til nausea, but it kinda always works on me. I cant help, I love viking stuff. Death, destruction, Ragnarok, Wotan, raping christian villages and burning christian women (or was it the contrary already ?), do we need more ? Way better than their previous pompous record, too close from the old 80s german heavy metal I got fed up with as a kiddo, but still less good than their mastepiece 'Twilight of the thunder God', 'Jomsviking has some pretty solid tracks and a quite good story... about a guy who loved a girl and now is looking for revenge. Be it inspirational ('Way of Vikings'), sadly beautiful ('One thousand burning arrows', my official relationship funeral anthem) or deeply epic ('Back on norther shores'), this is a fucking great record, with a perfect production, a very good technical level for both drums and guitars, nice 80s heavy solos. Please just don't mind the part with Doro.

03. Lunch.Drunk.Love - BOWLING FOR SOUP (2013)

I spent the first month crying like a bitch in my room and filling my heart with patriarcal will to go on, while seeing my former GF 5 days per week (we work at the same place, great innit ?). Then I decided two things : I won't bow before her family that put her under pressure to leave the piece of shit they think I am, I had to talk to her again, and I wanted to laugh again. Fuck metal, fuck depression, fuck death-filled stuff. I got back to my roots : the awful late 90s pop-punk. The old Offspring or Sum 41 never left me, but I wanted something new. And then I opened my 'Punk Rock 101 Emergency' book and BFS appeared to be the right thing at the moment. Awesome record by a normally just average band. Pop punk at its best, humourous but sensitive lyrics about relationships ends, Jaret's perfect voice, undercover hair metal influences (Bon Jovi guys), I was fucking happy while listening to this tunes. I barely listened to this one before, even showed it to her in order to make my  rock addiction a little bit less eerie for this old fashioned bourgeoisie offspring, but suddenly all became so true. So thanks BFS !

04. The Black Pacific - THE BLACK PACIFIC (2010)

Yeah, Epitaph era. Yeah fucking Pennywise from fucking California. Yeah Lindberg left and formed his own band without the rigid rythms of McCackin and Dragge. I also like the Pennywise record with Zoli, and somehow see it as the brother of the 'Black Pacific', but I definitely listened to this one more, despite Zoli's incredible voice. You'll find basic punk rock structures, with some technicity bursts and an almost hip-hop vibe in the singing, plus some remote surf music influences. That's the recipe we Epitaph and Fat Wreck's children grew up with. We might say we've gone away from this stuff, we're just lying. 'When it's over' or 'Living with ghosts' started to mean something else for me during this depressing snowy January. She didn't liked the black thing and thought California was unreachable, she never liked this record, she would never understand what we find in this sound.

05. Köp Dig Lycklig -URSUT (2016)

She could tolerate pop-punk but what came next in my life kinda terrified her I guess. "It's so violent" she used to say. That's because she grew up in a small catholic rich world, apart from the multicultural post-industrial city her  parents live in. She refused to see that the world is sometimes about violence, be it physical, psychological, or nuclear, maybe because her own family is shaped with horrible thoughts (Ostrich...). Crust came naturally in my life, after having discovered the old birtish anarcho-stuff and the fast as hell swedish hardcore (krangpunk) releases. I listened to this one just once while I lived with her, and I told myself that the days weren't grey enough to enjoy such a crusty gem. In february and march I listened to this one nearly each day. You find here anger, desperation but also a will not to give up against the normalist/capitalist/bullshitist dominant part of society. If while listening to such amazing D-beat songs, with just enough of metallish guitar parts, you don't want to scream in pseudo-swedish how much you hate this world and the ones that rule it, then no one can do anything for you. And yeah, they totally ripped off 'For whom the bell tolls' 's bell, but who cares. After all, who are the monsters ?

06. Live by the code - TERROR (2013)

With my old pals we started as Epitaph brats, then we played some serious hardcore punk. They all liked the american stuff, but at this time I was more into deutschpunk, so when we split up I left the US productions for nearly eight years. Deutschland ruftet. I thought when I got dumped that I would drown myself in german punk, but no. I found myself in this full of testoserone, totally unpolitical dumb US hardcore scene, with likes of Agnostic Front or Madball (two bands the pals didn't dig, they prefered Sick of it all, never understood why) and then their LA's friends. The guy I play with today, used to tell me this was his favourite US hardcore band, and then I figured out why. The first words 'From a broken home..." felt so true, I realized all the shit I went through, all this anger and the pride I had to come from the bottom and not to have bowed before no one. Hardcore punk has the taste of a bitter kid gone finally adult. You can laugh about their cliché sound, about their lyrics on brotherhood, strength and so on, but when I was alone in march, my friends from the old punk days were there for me, like we silently promised us. Moving, at times thrashy (LA...), violent, straight to the point, with a positive message for all the losers society left and breakdowns that will show no mercy, a very good hardcore album. I was hurt, I cried, then came the time to be strong again. That's exactly what Terror expressed on this record, trust in yourself, be hardcore ! Thanks guys !

07. Welcome to the West Coast II - LIONHEART (2017)

An old friend of mine told once that hardcore was "hip-hop for those who grew up on rock hating hip-hop". My ex was always shocked about how much I knew hip-hop for someone basically hating it. She never understood those things from the streets... Late march I had an other girlfriend for a short while, and my ex saw us and then my ex cried like a kid while the new one laughed at her. That was so heartbreaking that that night the new one dig her own grave. So I decided to be a man, kicked out the new girl and for the fifth and last time in 6 months seeing her every week tried to communicate with my ex. It didn't went the way I expected and that day my ex showed her bitchy side : I was harassing her... Goddam, that was so low from her... The sadness I had melted with my pride and the anger, Lionheart was welcome with its thuggy hardcore. Fuck the leftist morality, I just wanted to express non political discontent and frustration, the way only american hip-hop-influenced hardcore punk knows to do it. The lyrics are awful sometimes, and they're dangerously close to metalcore at some occasions, but those oriental riffs and those breaking rythms where just what I needed. 'Still bitter still cold', 'Thiry years', 'Trial by fire', the highlights of this very good gangsthardcore piece.

08. Keep them confused - NO USE FOR A NAME (2005)

NOFX is a great band don't get me wrong but they had two distinctive periods. The first one prior to 'Punk in Drublic' with regular almost street punk songs, kinda boring, flat and mediocre for the most of it and the second one after they met Tony Sly who seems to have introduced Fat Mike to tearful riffs full of nostalgia and sorrow. For years I had a blurry picture of NUFAN, but then my old pal from the hardcore days gave me 70 prct of his record collection. And there was this one. I put it in my car, and fuck that feeling came back. I remembered exactly how I felt after it ended with my first love. That bitter sweet moment, when tears are not really here anymore. A this point in april, I hesitated to date a third girl, while still having mixed feelings for my ex. I was done with the hard stuff and got back once more to lighter melodies. Hooking refrains, easy-to-learn structures, I found out why people are missing Tony Sly so much (and not only because of Fat's propaganda). Those riffs, man...

09. Outlaw anthems - Blood for blood (2002) 

"Sorry ladies..." To the contrary of the others on this list, I listened to this one from time to time during those shitfull months. When you start to listen to the real, less-known hardcore bands from the 90s AKA the Golden age of american hardcore punk, there's plenty of hidden gems filled with testosterone and hatred. I hate to say it, but this one's definitely a record "with balls", mainly directed to a frustrated audience. Frustration and the hatred it brings are the backbone of the lyrics here : rejected by women, by the system, by your parents ? Left alone on the streets at night ? Well, this one's for you for sure. Black metal always brags itself about what's trve or not, but c'mon this shit smells even more trveness than a thousand of raw BM LPs. Alright, it's not sweet, it's not subtle at all, but that's what we love ! Hard, dark, violent and hopeless, each song's a rocky punch in your face ! From almost happy and proud of being from the bottom of society tracks ('White trash anthem', 'Ain't like you'), or antisocial unpolitically correct hymns ('Some kind of hate', 'So common, so cheap') to very manly love songs for the real brothers here to bring you up when your face is in the shit (uh...'Love song'), you've got here a definition of what hardcore can bring in life. And what the upper elite will never understand (Fuck them!). One of thoughest record I ever listened to.

  That's it, no more, no less. Of course there were more stand alone tracks from different bands coming from differents genres but the main full records are here. The end might have come with her, since we don't talk to each other anymore for months now. Some days regrets are still here and some others freedom prevails. Sure life goes on and so on but who knows one day I'll maybe stop to think this : Sorry pichignon but with what you've done to me : "I don't need your love and I don't need your respect." But one thing's for sure :  "I ain't like you" !

lundi 8 janvier 2018



 L'histoire est simple. Garçon aimer fille. Fille aimer garçon. Fille quitte garçon. Garçon sait plus quoi faire, tout triste et énervé en même temps. Ni plus ni moins. Pathétique, nul à chier, absolument commun d'un point de vue extérieur. Mais quand ça arrive à notre petite personne, l'histoire prend une toute autre tournure, et tout commun que ça puisse être, ça rend mauvais. Très mauvais. Au point où l'amour cède la place à une folie plus ou moins teintée d'envie de meurtre ou de suicide. Et les m'en-foutistes ou les relativistes que l'on côtoie peuvent parler, ce sera sans aucun effet.

  Je ne vais pas vous faire l'injure de vous faire l'historique du groupe, common knowledge fuckers. Replacé dans son contexte cependant l'album est intéressant à plus d'un titre, à défaut d'être convaincant, ni même réussi. 2009, Deryck Whibley est au plus bas, c'est aussi simple. Largué par la princesse Lavigne, lâché par les fans depuis le départ de Brownsound et le boiteux 'Underclass Hero', il ne lui reste plus grand-chose que l'alcool, la désillusion et cette haine mêlée d'amour déçu. Et une réputation qui se ternit pour son groupe. 'Screaming bloody murder' en est le résultat, un album malade, comme une bête qui voudrait mordre une dernière fois avant de mourir pathétiquement.

  Musicalement, c'est le grand bazar. Vas-y que je te mets du piano, du rock-à-pépé, des riffs metaliquesques, de la britpop et quand même un peu de punk parce que Sum 41. Vas-y que je secoue, et on verra bien ce que ça donne. Sans prendre de gants on peut dire que cet ensemble chaotique est indigeste, mal fagotté, mais qu'on s'y accroche quand même parfois (comme une ex en fait...). Si l'album est traversé de quelques fulgurances ('Screaming bloody murder', 'Jessica kill', 'What am I to say') et une relativement bonne trilogie, 'A dark road out of Hell', on peut presque sentir l'orgueil des Sums à vouloir en faire plus, toujours plus dans tous les styles. Au risque de sombrer dans la médiocrité, comme sur la deuxième partie de l'album. Amis du changement d'ambiance sec, de al cassure rythmique et de la saute d'humeur, te voilà chez toi.

  Si le chant est exempt de travers notable, le job est fait, les paroles sont plus discutables. D'une naïveté confondante, parfois touchante, parfois tombant à plat, on peut suivre quasiment jour après jour ce qui se passait dans la tête de Deryck Whibley en 2009. Toutes les phases de la rupture sont là, déception, colère, tristesse, envie de repartir, reproches, regrets. On pourra y trouver son compte, pendant les soirées ressasage du passé devant YouTube. Et les autres jours, on se dira que c'est vraiment immature et un peu chiant (comme une ex en fait...).

Au final, un album bordélique, inégal, plein de tout et de son contraire et qui malgré un goût de foiré indéniable peut surprenamment dégager une certaine force. Tiens comme une relation gâchée, en fait...

Dédié à mon ex-pichignon. 
Je ne sais plus si je t'aime ou si je te hais, du coup j'ai décidé de m'en foutre. Appele-moi le jour où tu arrêteras d'être conne, peut-être je répondrai. Have fun avec le prochain, ou la prochaine sinon.

vendredi 6 octobre 2017



  Sur ce même blog -déserté à regrets ces derniers temps- une question revient régulièrement, entre les lignes : que reste-t-il du passé dans les vicissitudes du présent ? Cette question métaphysique traverse certaines existences plus que d'autres et certains groupes y font explicitement écho le plus long de leur carrière. Il en va notamment ainsi pour Duesenjaeger, une formation discrète mais constante de la punkerei d'ascendance ouest-allemande. Débutant en 2001, période où l'essoufflement du son des années 90 pointait déjà rétrospectivement son nez, que ce fûsse pour le "grand frère" américain ou pour les plus frustres et traditionnels allemands, le groupe a toujours eu une inclination pour la mélancolie et une certaine tristesse désabusée. Passé les brillants 'Las Palmas OK' et ' Schimmern', plus rien ne semblait devoir être dit. C'est donc une agréable surprise de voir que la reprise inattendue avec 'Leben lieben sterben' en 2012 n'était pas qu'une étincelle isolée au milieu de braises encore chaudes, mais bel et bien et un nouvel élan dans le parcours des Munsteriens. 'Treibsand' pourtant ne quitte pas les vieux démons chers au quartet, et ces sables mouvants semblent bien évoquer les sables du temps avant tout.

On retrouve ainsi le "son Duesenjaeger" typique avec une production le mettant nettement à son avantage. Les rythmiques  sont toujours simples, pour ne pas dire ramonesiennes, avec une basse cimentant de façon entraînante l'ensemble, et les guitares sont toujours tristes mais avec un certain entrain. L'impression générale emprunte de façon ostentatoire au post-punk le plus confiné mais aussi parfois à des registres bien plus noirs (à la limite du DSBM, sérieux) avec toutefois une couche sous-jacente de colère et de revendication propre au deutschpunk. Sous le vernis policé, gentiment inoffensif, on peut toujours voir les vestiges d'un passé bien plus brûlant, plus palpable sur 'Kreislauf' délibérément 80er dans son approche. Une sorte de colère froide et désabusée émane majoritairement d'un ensemble bien homogène. Du Duesenjaeger 16 ans d'âge, en somme.

Le point le plus cryptique  pour le profane restera sûrement cette fois encore le chant, bien trop détaché malheureusement sur certains passages ('Rastlos und kalt'), et ce malgré un grand renfort de chœurs dynamiques. La quasi-perfection est ratée de peu, mais il est délicat de faire vivre des des textes dénués au final de toute chaleur. Critique, désabusé mais n'ayant toujours pas capitulé face à notre monde réjouissant, le constat proposé par la voix de Tobi Neumann est juste mais dur. 'Tief', 'Wie lange noch' 'Sinflut' en sont les exemples-types. "Nach uns die Sinflut"

Au final, un très bon album d'un groupe qui a su faire mûrir sa formule sans jamais se départir de ses fondamentaux. A l'image de sa sinistre parce que désincarnée mais ô combien concrète pochette, 'Treibsand' tape juste sans trop en faire.

Recommandé :
- 'Tief'
- 'Jauch taucher' et son attaque ramonescore ultra-efficace
- 'Sinflut'
- 'Wie lange noch'
- 'Grabeland' aux accents franchement post-black dans les riffs

mardi 9 août 2016


  Deutschpunk meant a lot to me and somehow still does. Back in the late 90s/early 00s I was just a dumb teen who knew nothing about punk and could only barely speak broken german, but the day I listened to my first deutschpunk tunes, it blew so much my mind I knew this scenes were meant to be my thing. Those bands made my education.


I will only treat here bands mainly using the german language, be they german or not. For this reason you won't find german bands mainly singing in english (Tausend Tonnen Obst, Oxymoron) or bands using german as a language among others (Bubonix). It also happens that english-speaking bands decide to release an album with nearly all songs in german like Hammerhead, what makes this particular record acceptable for this list. And of course you won't find the few deutschpunk bands I find shitty over any redemption (Die Kassierer, Broilers).

As usual one band, one album. Grosse Helden und Nebenprojekten, alike. And yeah there's alot of Nix Gut bands here, but remember this is just a personal list of records that shaped my life's soundtrack, so Punkerpolizei deal with it. This list is intended to grow endlessly.

Hans-a-Plast - Hans-a-Plast (1979) Niedersachsen

Zensur und zensur - Male (1979) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Die letzte Hoffnung - Der KFC (1980) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Tanzparty Deutschland - Artless (1980) Baden-Württemberg

Inkubationszeit - Kaltwetterfront (1980) Hannover

Perfektion ist Sache der Götter - Beton Combo (1980) West-Berlin

Jetzt knallt's - Marionetz (1981) Bayern

Ehre und Gerechtigkeit - ZSD (1981) Bayern

A+P - A+P (1981) Bayern

Amok Koma - Abwärts (1981) Hamburg

  Jedem das seine... - Cotzbrocken (1981) Nordrhein-Westfalen
Ohne Gnade - Chaos Z (1982) Baden-Württemberg

Notdurft ! - Notdurft (1982) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Lieber schwierig als schmierig - B. Trug (1982) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Bäh!!! - Sluts (1982) Niedersachsen

Yankees raus - Slime (1982) Hamburg
Tag ohne Schatten - Razzia (1983) Hamburg

Zu spät - Canal Terror (1983) Nordrhein - Westfalen

...bis zum bitteren Ende - Neurotic Arseholes (1983) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Tod und Wahnsinn - Inferno (1983) Bayern

Toxoplasma - Toxoplasma (1983) Rheinland-Pfalz

Blanker Hohn - Blanker Hohn (1984) Hamburg
Vorkriegsjugend -Vorkriegsjugend (1984) West-Berlin

Schrei doch ! - Blut + Eisen (1984) Niedersachsen

Aktive Notwehr - Aktive Notwehr (1984) Niedersachsen

Aufrecht - Daily Terror (1984) Niedersachsen

Harte Zeiten - Ausbruch (1985) Nordrhein -Westfalen

Lauschgift - Boskops (1985) Niedersachsen

Front City living - The Marplots (1986) West-Berlin

Kapitalismus - Wut (1986)

L'Attentat - Made in GDR (1987) Sachsen [DDR]

Urlaub im Rollstuhl - Seveso Kids (1987) 
Porsche, Genscher, Hallo HSV - Die Goldenen Zitronen (1987) Hamburg

Angeschissen - Angeschissen (1988) Hamburg

Fight together for... - Emils (1988) Hamburg 
Im Zeichen des Blöden - Abstürzende Brieftauben (1989) Niedersachsen

Sauerei - Die Skeptiker (1991) Ost-Berlin  [DDR]

Abfallprodukte der Gesellschaft - Schleim Keim (1991) Thüringen [DDR]

Wir kriegen euch alle - Feeling B (1991) Ost-Berlin [DDR]

Kinder der Maschinenrepublik - Die Firma  (1991) Ost-Berlin [DDR]
Das Reich der wilden Tiere - Die Zusamm Rottung (1991) Brandenburg  [DDR]

Blumen in Müll - Normahl (1991) Baden-Württemberg

Tötensen - Boxhamsters (1991) Hessen

Bleib' tapfer - Wizo (1992) Baden-Württemberg

Allesfresser - Hass (1992) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Tiefe Schluchten - Notausgang (1993) [Schweiz]

Die Zeit ist ein Mörder - Baffdecks (1993) Baden-Württemberg

Für uns nicht - ...But Alive (1993) Hamburg

Lebendig gefresst - The Lennons (1993) Baden-Württemberg

Küchenspione - Küchenspione (1993) Thüringen [DDR]

Heute ein König ... morgen ein Arschloch - Die Lokalmatadore (1994) Nordrhein -Westfalen

1977 - Müllstation (1994) Sachsen-Anhalt [DDR]

Gorgeous band from the old commie days. Quite hard to find their stuff by the way, you have to be patient to gather hidden punk rock gems of them.
Keine Macht den Faschisten - Abfallsozialprodukt (1994) Sachsen [DDR]
Codename Freibeuter - C.I.A. (1994) Hamburg

Schönen Gruß - Pöbel und Gesocks (1994) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Fünf Asse - Public Toys (1994) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Viecher im Leib - 1 Mai 87 (1994) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Neue Wege - Fuckin' faces (1995) Hessen

Freiheit ! - Bluttat (1995) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Kalashnikov blues - Popperklopper (1996) Rheinland - Pfalz

Der alte Paul -Wärters Schlechte (1996) Baden-Württemberg

Abend in der Stadt - AufBruch (1996) [DDR]

Nimm drei - Dritte Wahl (1996) Mecklenburg - Vorpommern

Der Schlag ins Leere - Kalte Zeiten (1996)

Klein und faul - Swoons (1996) Hessen

Freunde und Feinde - Atemnot (1996) Bayern

Soldaten sind Mörder - Tod und Mordschlag (1996) Berlin
Blut - Kapitulation B.o.n.n (1997) Hessen

Poppxapank - Wohlstandskinder (1997) Nordrhein - Westfalen

German Angst - Elf (1997) Hamburg

Born - Sandow (1997) Brandenburg  [DDR]

Verbotene Früchte - Heiter bis Wolkig (1997) Nordrhein - Westfalen
Hol' dir die Pest - Untergangskommando (1997) Rheinland - Pfalz

Zu dumm für diese Welt - The Strikes (1997) Berlin

Ameisenstaat - Knochenfabrik (1997) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Giessen asozial - Pestpocken (1997) Hessen

Menschen, Hass, Vernichtung - Recharge (1997) Niedersachsen

Weisses Album - Hammerhead (1998) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Super - Schrottgrenze (1998) Niedersachsen

Schweinegott - EA80 (1998) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Räumt auf ! - Bums (1998) Baden-Württemberg

Feuer gratis ! - Tagtraum (1998) Bayern

Die Geschichte von Richie und andere Schicksalsmelodien - The Pigs must die (1998) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Gassenhauer - Troopers (1998) Berlin

Commerzpunk - Fluchtweg (1998) Berlin

Ihr seid nicht frei... ihr glaubt nur dran - Toxic Walls (1998) Niedersachsen

Kein Weg zurück - Tetra Vinyl (1998) Sachsen - Anhlat

Die Zeichen steh'n auf Krieg - Versaute Stiefkinder (1998) Sachsen

Normalböse - Zaunpfahl (1999) Mecklemburg - Vorpommern

Prankenschlag - Schmutzige Taten (1999) Niedersachsen
Zurück aus Tasmanien - Amen 81 (1999) Bayern

Seniorenresidenz - Lost Lyrics (1999) Hessen
Deutschpunk-Revolte - WTZ (1999) Baden-Württemberg

Friedhofsdesateure - Hausvabot (2000) Berlin

Beissreflex - Fahnenflucht (2000) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Eigen Urin - Molotow Soda (2000) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Bordsteinkantengeschichten - Muff Potter (2000) Nordrhein - Westfalen

1 world 0 future - Terrorgruppe (2000) Berlin

Emanzenterror BRD - Rauschangriff (2000) Bayern

Auf dem Mond ein Feuer - Totenmond (2001) Baden-Württemberg

Bandera Pirata - Rasta Knast (2001) Niedersachsen
König der Meere - Rotz auf der Wiese (2001) Niedersachsen 

5,6,7,8, Bullenstaat ! - Die Ärzte (2001) West-Berlin

Bildfänger - Tut das Not (2002) Baden-Württemberg

Schätzchen, ich habe das Land befreit! - Dödelhaie (2002) Norhrhein - Westfalen

Zeiten ändern sich - S.I.K. (2002) Baden-Württemberg

Das Rock'n'Roll Imperium schlägt zurück - Casanovas Schwule Seite (2002) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Klasse 1A - Sondaschule (2002) Nordrhein - Westfalen
16 in Ventile in Gold - Chefdenker (2003) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Verseucht wegen eurer Gier -Bluthusten (2003) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Ungeliebt - Verlorene Jungs (2003) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Schwan - Turbostaat (2003) Schlewig-Holstein
Alarmzustand - Kasa (2003) Niedersachsen

Wir Ziehen Weiter Mit Dem Rock'n'Roll - Die Parasiten (2003) 

Widerstand - A.C.K. (2003)

Träum weiter - Massendefekt (2004) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Bleib Standhaft - N.V.A. (2003 ?) Berlin ? 

Guten Tag, mein Name ist Thomas - SPN-X (2004) Brandenburg

Wenig den Vielen und den Wenigen viel ! - Ex Nör Säx (2004) Baden-Württemberg

Ding Dong! Möchten Sie Eine Punkband Kaufen ? - Staatspunkrott (2004) Baden-Württemberg

Las Palmas O.K. - Duesenjaeger (2004) Niedersachsen

Nazis ham ne Scheissfrisur - Die Siffers (2005)  Baden-Württemberg
Aggressive Kunst - Toxpack (2005) Berlin

Wer erwachsen wird... - Thanheiser (2005)

Volltreffer - Irrenoffensive (2005) Schlewig-Holstein

Alles auf schwarz - Montreal (2005) Hamburg

Anderz - USK (2005)

Und... - Sonderangebot (2005) Schwyz [Schweiz]

Oma Hans - Oma Hans (2005) Hamburg
Alles Lüge - Ni Ju San (2005) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Schluss mit Wahnsinn - Nevermind (2005) Hessen

Krieg - Kondor (2006) [Österreich]

Schwarzes Blut - Betontod (2006) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Fusspils - Ostpunk (2006)

Discontent hearts and gasoline - ZSK (2006) Berlin

1080 Spuren - Supabond (2006) Nordrhein - Westfalen 

Uns kriegt ihr nich - Zeckenterror (2006)
Gegen euch aus Prinzip - Police Shit (2006) Sachsen

Bitte recht freundlich - Front (2006) Hessen

HerrenGedeck - Die Dödelsäcke (2006) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Verdammtes Leben - L.A.K. (2007) 

Strafbar - Missbrauch (2007) Bayern
... von Allem und Nichts ! - Abfluss (2007) Niedersachsen
Bewegt euch - Freibeuter AG (2007) Bayern

F§%ck dich selbst - Middle Class Fantasies (2007) Hessen

Denk laut oder vergiss es - Lükopodium (2007) [Österreich]

Jemand muß ja aufräumen - ESA Zecken (2007) Thüringen

Stil los ! - Kreftich (2007) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Sex und Punk und Religion - Die Gefahr (2007)
La Hermandad  En el principio fue el ruido - Die Toten Hosen (2008) Nordrhein- Westfalen

Auf raten - Kann ich mit leben (2008) Baden-Württemberg

Schwarzweiss ins Farbe - Patentblau 5 (2008)

Addiction - SS-Kaliert (2008) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Was is'n nu mit Revolution - Take Shit (2008) Baden-Württemberg

Der Fall der Mauern - Machtwort (2008) Berlin

Ihr nicht ! - No Exit (2008) Berlin

Wenn ihr es so wollt -Speichelbroiss (2008) Bayern

November 13th - November 13th (2008) Niedersachsen

Fixpunkte und Bojen - Supernichts (2008) Nordrhein- Westfalen

Feuer und Flamme - Planlos (2008) Nordrhein - Westfalen

... und keiner kann's verstehen ! - Noteingang (2008) Bayern
Krieg der Kulturen - OHL (2009) Nordrhein-Westfalen 

Entertainment overkill - The Bottrops (2009) Berlin

Minus.mensch - Alpinist (2009) 

Anders oder artig - Splash (2009) Rheinland - Pfalz

Widerstand - Rawside (2010) Bayern

Paula - Kafkas (2010) Bayern

There's no freedom, there's nur Scheisse ! - AUWEIA! (2010) Nordrhein-Westfalen
Immer wenn ich muss du - Supernichts (2010) Nordrhein - Westfalen 

Alles muss kaputt sein - Pascow (2010) Rheinland-Pfalz

Tot aber lebendig - BRDigung (2010) Northern Rhine-Westfalia

Asi.Arrogant.Abgewrackt - Abfukk (2010) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Atomparty - Wilde Zeiten (2011) Rheinland - Pfalz

Alles wird gut - Absturtz (2011) Schlewig -Holstein

Propaganda - Katz Kadaver (2011)  Nordrhein - Westfalen

Egoshooter - The Stattsmatratzen (2011) Berlin

Fehlpressung - Cotzraiz (2011) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Anaesthetic - Eat the bitch (2011) Hamburg

Zu den Takten des Programms -Adolar (2011) Sachsen-Anhalt

Ware Leben - AntiGen (2011) Niedersachsen 

Ein Schritt zu weit - Sonne Ost (2011) Thüringen
Ja + Amen - Stahlschwester (2012) Hamburg

Helden - Die Traktor (2012) Hessen
Wir in diesen Tagen - Kellergeister (2012) Rheinland -Pfalz

Gegen.Kult - Empowerment (2012) Baden-Württemberg

Tempo alter ! - Der Dicke Polizist (2012)

Alles ist vergänglich - Alarmsignal (2012) Niedersachsen

Wer hat all das Gift bestellt ? - Ausschlag (2012) Sachsen-Anhalt
Toleranzgrenze - Toleranzgrenze (2012) Baden-Württemberg

Fickt euch alle -Napoleon Dynamite (2012) Nordrhein - Westfalen

Punk bleibt punk - Kotzreiz (2012) Berlin

Dunkle Monologe - Wehrlos (2012) Sachsen

III - Gottkaiser (2012) Hamburg

Lehnt dankend ab - Frau Potz (2012) Schlewig-Holstein

Scheitern und verstehen - Feine Sahne Fischfilet (2012) Mecklemburg - Vorpommern

Fremde Spiegel - Varan (2012) Sachsen -Anhalt

Doch - Affenmesserkampf (2013) Schlewig-Holstein

Karibik - Mann kackt sich in die Hose (2013) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Holzschwert - Marathonmann (2013) Bayern

Kein Bock - Schwach (2013) Berlin 
Pauli - Rantanplan (2013) Hamburg

Familie und Beruf - Mülheim Asozial (2013) Nordrhein - Westfalen 

Dookie - Gedrängel (2014)Nordrhein - Westfalen

Öffnen​/​Atmen - I refuse (2014) Bayern

Jugend mutiert - KMPFSPRT (2014) Nordrhein - Westfalen 

Sturzflug - Lygo (2014) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Drei Legenden versuchen Deutschland zu ficken.. - Die Shitlers (2014) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Bis der Vorhang fällt - Platzverweis (2014) Niedersachsen
Deutschpunk muss sterben - Schleim (2014) Kentucky, alter.
Die netten Jahren sind vorbei - Missstand (2014) Kärnten [Österreich]

Blut Feuer Schmerz - Todschick Gekleidet (2014) Sachsen

Duschen auf Staatskosten - Die Dorks (2014) Bayern

Handy/Schlüssel/Portemonnaie (2014) Niedersachsen

Motorsäge - Inkasso Moskau (2015) Niedersachsen

Love Cult - Jungbluth (2015)

Arbeit/Macht/Scheisse - Arbeitsscheu reich (2015)
Mittelmeerromantik - Kellerasseln (2015) Thüringen

Helden der Provinz - Die Blumentopferde (2015) Sachsen

Keine halbe Sachen. Nur halbe liter - Ärger (2015)

Lieber tot als Sklave - C.O.R. (2015) Mecklemburg-Vorpommern

Ein Ende - Captain Planet (2016) Hamburg

Alles andere ist verboten -Los Bierholn (2016) Bremen

Viva la Nix ! -Eisenpimmel (2016) Nordrhein-Westfalen

The Irondick (...) is a band that got some history now, and may not be the easiest deutschpunk to get into, but in 2016 they really released what could considered a monument. More than 2 hours of non-compromising, tongue-in-cheek, satirical rock to punk rock tunes await you here.

Untermenschen in der Überzahl - Kannibal Krach (2016) Nordrhein-Westfalen

 I discovered them with their massive 'Das Ende der Spassgesellschaft' who was already angry, disturbed and above the rest "Not politically correct'. This was a very good record, but given the fact our world is going madder and madder I finally chose their last release to introduce them here. A subtle crossover of crust, deutschpunk and various metal subgenres, this plate shows the teeth the way punks should always do.

Punk vor Strichrechnung - Das frivole Burgfräulein (2016) Nordrhein-Westfalen

Kein Platz für Poesie - Borderpaki (2016) Schlewig-Holstein

Spackos Forever - Schmutzki (2016) Baden-Württemberg

Ihr seid alle Scheisse - Lulu und die Einhornsfarm (2016) Berlin

 This is just my own personal selection, remember that there's a lot more to discover by yourself. And that sometimes some unknown remote band from the underground scenes can give you wonderful songs, even if you'll never find the whole record they were originally recorded on.

And also a special thanks to these YT channels, who are real gold mines :

Pfennig Pfuchser
Edgar Allan Punk 

And of course the deutschpunk online Bible : Parockitikum

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