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I'm in the mood of writing records lists, so here it goes with another one.

 Everyone got inspirators. If you play in a band, you have artists and records that actually gave you the desire to play music yourself. Every musician or music amateur has a very personal record collection summing what he or she has been through, becoming the soundtrack of a human life. When I read a blog, I always find interesting to see what people listened to before they started to write reviews. Record covers explain way more than thousand lines long paragraphs.

 When I started this write this crappy blog in french, I emulated a guy who happened to play in an early 00s french rock act and wrote the "New Wave Hooker" blog. He gave me the will to make something of my life and in an indirect way to open myself to the world I hated for so long. Back in 2011 I had some serious health issues and I had to left my old life and somehow my old self, and writing shit here quite helped me to get over. After him came others I forgot, and others lists, like this guy who happened to be an atmospheric balck metal as well as a really dirty and violent gangsta rap encyclopedia. Or that other one into brutal death but who oddly started with the Offspring. Very instructive indeed.
   This said the guy who inspired me the most when it comes to musical criticism uses the pseudo Sakrifiss and writes for a french metal webzine, Thrashocore. I always enjoy what he says when it comes to its favourite genre -black metal- and I found its cult albums list really cool, so quite naturally came the idea to put mine here.

Frontschwein - Marduk (2015) Sweden

Keine halbe Sachen nur halbe Liter - Ärger (2015) Germany

Hang -Lagwagon (2014) USA 

I knew Lagwagon for years, I even covered some of their late 90s songs, but fuck this shit hit me harder than anything in the last years. It all felt so true !
Shadow of the dying sun - Insomnium (2014) Finland
Con la muerte a tu lado - Generacion Suicida (2013) USA

The record that made brought me back to slower and smoother beats. The Vicious copycats I figured later.

Lost remedies - Atrocity solution (2013) USA
 Presumed insolent - Adolescents (2013) USA

The record that made back into american punk after 8 years of massive european consumption.

Dunkle Monologe - Wehrlos (2012) Germany

Wetterkreuz - Eis (2012) Germany
 Unstille - Der Weg einer Freiheit (2012) Germany

My first black metal record with a somewhat intelligent content.

Tempo alter ! - Der Dicke Polizist (2012) Germany
Punk bleibt punk - Kotzreiz (2012) Germany 

This record gave me the same excitment as my first deutschpunk albums did. Unexpectedly awesome !
Noregs Vaapen - Taake (2011) Norway

 The album that officially converted me to black metal.

Smoko at the pet food factory - Frenzal Rhomb (2011) Australia 

Tot aber lebendig -BRDigung (2010) Germany

The most technical punk album when it came to guitars. After this one the band began to really suck, like most of the Deutschrock Scheisse.
Belus - Burzum (2010) Norway

After its release I started to look closer to BM stuff. Still one of my favourite records for sleeping.

Funeral beach - Blood Command (2010) Norway
Anders oder artig - Splash (2009) Germany 
Krieg der Kulturen (2009) Germany

The first punk record to tell the whole truth about european street scums. Der Kampf geht weiter, voran !
Grey Britain - Gallows (2009) UK

The soundtrack of the worst year of my life.

Sekt - Martydöd (2009) Sweden

Minus.mensch - Alpinist (2009) Germany
Cocainorap musique  - Roi Heenok (2009) Canada

Vrai reconnait vrai.
Unholy punk rock - Louder than words (2009) Russia

 The record that helped me to get later into black metal.

La Hermandad  En el principio fue el ruido - Die Toten Hosen (2008) Germany

For some time now I was obsessed with death and this record. Argentine edition !

Objectif : thunes - Ultra Vomit (2008) France
Off the leash - The real McKenzies (2008) Canada
Dom Ljuger Igen - Mob 47 (2008) Sweden
Ben quoi ? - Didier Super (2008) France

The ultimate "Fuck french society" record, definitely.

The most technical punk drums I ever found.

The record that made thrash relevant again for me, and no more like something from the past.

Thronräuber - Totenmond (2008) Germany 

The record that made me accept metal as a whole, thanks to its true punk roots.

 At some point the heavier and darker record of my collection. The end of the hardcore punk years.

Famous - Puddle of Mudd (2007) USA

When I first listened to it, I didn't want to know anything about grunge/ alternative rock for years. Grungy stuff was stuff from the past. But fuck, it all came back with the first track of this marketed band.

R.I.P. Pedder

Verdammtes Leben - L.A.K. (2007) Germany
I Krig - Vreid (2007) Norway

T'as vu ? - Fatal Bazooka (2007) France

 If you love or hate like me hate french hip hop, this one will make you laugh hard. Silly concept, solid beats, excellent lyrics.
Schwarzes Blut - Betontod (2006) Germany 

After this one I nearly stopped to listen to music with english lyrics for 8 years.

Fusspils - Ostpunk (2006) Germany

One of the most primitive and rawest punk records I ever found.
Discontent hearts and gasoline - ZSK (2006) Germany 

Before they went total commie.
Stigmata - Skitsystem (2006) Sweden 

Alienated - The Vicious (2006) Sweden
War profiteering is killing us all - The Suicide Machines (2005) USA

State of discontent - The Unseen (2005) USA 
En la linea del frente - The Casualties (2005) USA

 Before this one, I was like every fucking punk hipster. You know the litany "Fuck this poser band" etc... Then I listened to 'On the frontline' Spanish-style and I was stunned by the power of those tracks in Jorge's mother tongue. It felt so true that since this day this despised band has all my respect.
Stupreligion - Stupeflip (2005) France

Heralding  The fireblade - Falkenbach (2005) Germany

 The first time I listened to this one, it was like... uh... I had met Jesus or something.

Those once loyal - Bolt Thrower (2005) UK

My honour is loyalty, they say.
Battle metal - Turisas (2004) Finland

I will never forget you my friend.
Reise reise - Rammstein (2004) Germany 

Rammstein is such a common thing nowadays that this sound had lost all its strength. I was already way into deutschpunk when I discovered it, and oddly they never seemed that german to me. Their only album I still respect today (along with some tracks on 'Rosenrot').
A new race for a new world - Ad Hominem (2004) France

The last album the girl who tried to introduce me to black metal recommended me. The end of an era, the beginning of another.
Burli- Sportfreunde Stiller (2004) Germany

Probably the last happy record I ever bought.

American idiot - Green Day (2004) USA

Chuck - Sum 41 (2004) Canada

 First album to contain metallic elements. At some point the most technical drums I was able to play were on this one.

SINema - De Heideroosjes (2004) Netherlands

Kansas of Elsass - Kansas of Elsass (2004) France

He was maybe the first french guy to achieve comic success with viral videos, before Youtube was even popular, but he also showed us, dirty kids of the eastern France, that it was possible to make something great in our shithole motherland. Eternal respect for this fucker, he made it real.

Purity - Hate Forest (2003) Ukraine

Raw and repetitive monument. 
Punkista! - Avskum (2003) Sweden

My first D-beat record. My first swedish punk album too.

There's no power without control - Conflict (2003) UK

Fuck the system - The Exploited (2003) UK

My first really angry punk record.

W.A.T. - Laibach (2003) Slovenia

Still my favourite political album. Made me realize what we call "western ideologies" were nothing but shit, as well as that extremisms ain't no answers. Rote Anarchie.  Also a definitive record when it comes to drums.

Meteora - Linkin Park (2003) USA

Stupid lyrics, random riffs but a cool record to learn basic drums. We all make mistakes.

Transplants - Transplants (2002) USA 

First half is incredibly great, second half incredibly shitty.
18 - Moby (2002) USA 
By the way - Red hot chili peppers (2002) USA

5,6,7,8, Bullenstaat ! - Die Ärzte (2001) Germany

The real punk rock 101.
Auf dem Mond ein Feuer - Totenmond (2001) Germany

My personal link between real punk and raw metal. 
God hates us all - Slayer (2001) USA

The first heavy record I ever owned. I thought I would never be OK to listen more extreme stuff someday.

Bandera Pirata - Rasta Knast (2001) Germany 

The record that introduced me to swedish punk, be it trallpunk or krangpunk. Overthrowned Terrorgruppe as faster band.

Black metal ist krieg - Nargaroth (2001) Germany 
1 world 0 future - Terrorgruppe (2000) Germany

The record that definitively converted me to punk rock. At some point the faster album of my collection.

Let's do it for Johnny !! - Bowling for soup (2000) USA

Ridiculously catchy. 

Płonie Mi Serce- 1125 (1999) Poland

Those guys introduced me to the heavy breakdowns now widely used by tons of hardcore bands all around the world. Made Slayer look like pussies !
American psycho - Misfits (1999) USA
Pretty killers - Fabulous Disaster (1999) USA
Death by television - The Lillingtons (1999) USA

Paradoxally I listened to it only this year. Brought me back to ramonescore.

No gods, no managers - Choking Victim (1999) USA

At some point the dirtier record I owned.

Deutschpunk-Revolte - WTZ (1999) Germany 
Best before 2000 - Oxymoron (1999) Germany

13 - Die Ärzte (1998) Germany

The first german record I ever owned.

Americana - The Offspring (1998) USA

The record that saved me from a life of misery.
Apocalypse dudes - Turbonegro (1998) Norway

My transition album from hard rock/classic rock to punk rock.

Die Geschichte von Richie und andere Schicksalsmelodien - The Pigs must die (1998) Germany 

'American Idiot' before 'American Idiot'. Maybe the most ambitious concept album in the whole deutschpunk history.
Redneck wonderland - Midnight Oil (1998) Australia

The record that made me realize "democracies" and big companies don't want you any good as a young teen. Elites never cared about Earth or slaves like you and me even if they pretend to. Awesome beats too.

Die Zeichen steh'n auf Krieg - Versaute Stiefkinder (1998) Germany

 First real hardcore punk record. First record from the former democratic Republic. Made modern american hardcore punk something intended to please white suburbian wannabes.

Gassenhauer - Troopers (1998) Germany

Ixnay on the Hombre - The Offspring (1997) USA
Lycanthropunk - Wolfpack (1997) Sweden
Mellom Skogkledde Aaser  - Kampfar (1997) Norway

Ameisenstaat - Knochenfabrik (1997) Germany

Die Scheissgesellschaft macht dich krank : du bist ein Punk !
Hol' dir die Pest - Untergangskommando (1997) Germany

Still the best deutschpunk band ever in my opinion.

For the punx - The Casualties (1997) USA

The record that got me into primitve and rotten-fashioned dirty punk sound. Also made me aware of the plagues that the "up the punx" guys and hardcore anarchists are.

So long and thanks for all the shoes - NOFX (1997) USA

Filosofem - Burzum (1996) Norway

 First black metal I ever owned. Before 'Belus' was released I only owned two more black metal records Vreid's 'I krig' and Nargaroth's 'Black metal ist krieg'.

The System works for them - Aus-Rotten (1996) USA

Hate your State.

Nimm drei - Dritte Wahl (1996) Germany

First record with obvious metal influences. Still nails everything today.
Die for the government - Anti-Flag (1996) USA 

First barely political punk record.

Breathe - Midnight Oil (1996) Australia

Musik Für Arschlöcher - Terrorgruppe (1995) Germany 
Insomniac - Green Day (1995) USA
No future no hope - Defiance (1995) USA

This one sums up my youth.

Garbage - Garbage (1995) USA

Hier sind die Onkelz - Böhse Onkelz (1995) Germany

Jézusnak volt-e szakálla?! - Alvin és a mókusok (1995) Hungary
Riverdales - The Riverdales (1995) USA
Sin egen motståndare - Totalitär (1994) Sweden
Pentagram - Gorgoroth (1994) Norway

Transilvanian Hunger  - Darkthrone (1994) Norway 
A collection of pop classics - Reagan Youth (1994) USA
Definitely maybe - Oasis (1994) UK

My favourite album as a young teen by my then-favourite band.

Homegrown - Dodgy (1994) UK

The record that introduced me to three-times beats.

No need to argue - The Cranberries (1994) Ireland
... For victory - Bolt Thrower (1994) UK

I was just a kid when this came out, but I will never forget the power this shit expressed.

Love songs for the retarded - The Queers (1993) USA 
In utero - Nirvana (1993) USA
 The spaghetti incident ? - Guns'n'Roses (1993) USA

Somehow my first punk record. Made my education.

Chaos A.D. - Sepultura (1993) Brazil

First part of this album influenced my drumming style so much in my late teens. One of the reasons I can't stand rigid drummers like... the fucking Lars Ulrich.

Rage against the machine - Rage against the machine (1992) USA

Ignition - The Offspring (1992) 
Bleib' tapfer - Wizo (1992) Germany 

First german rock album I heard as a kid. Kicked so much asses !

Achtung Baby - U2 (1991) Ireland

Last U2 record I still like today.

Nevermind - Nirvana (1991) USA

Played these tunes so many times I can't even bear them anymore.

Blumen im Müll - Normahl (1991) Germany

A record full of nostalgia.
Rust in peace - Megadeth (1990) USA

First thrash metal album I ever bought.

Skid Row - Skid Row (1989) USA
The Offspring - The Offspring (1989)

The record that made me moving outside old UK punk to 90s and then 80s californian punk.

Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth (1988) USA

Suffer - Bad Religion (1988) USA

Diesel and dust - Midnight Oil (1987)

Opened my eyes on the world we live in more than anything else.

Hysteria - Def Leppard (1987) UK

Appetite for destruction - Guns'n'Roses (1987) USA
The final countdown -Europe (1986) Sweden 

The cover sums it all, hair metal at its worst or best depending on your point of view. Some of my favourite childhood tunes are here. 
The ungovernable force - Conflict (1986) UK

Hunting high and low - A-ha (1985) Norway

Always had mixed feelings for this one. On one hand it does suck harder than any other record on this list, but I dunno there's something sad that makes you going against your will to this shit.
Afterbruner - ZZ Top (1985) USA
Brothers in arms - Dire Straits (1985) UK

Med is i magen - Asta Kask (1985) Sweden
Vorkriegsjugend -Vorkriegsjugend (1984) Germany 
Love at first sting - Scorpions (1984) Germany

Increase the pressure - Conflict (1984) UK

Alle gegen alle - Slime (1983) Germany

Tag ohne Schatten - Razzia (1983) Germany 

Bloodsuckers - Varukers (1983) UK 
Writing on the wall - One way system (1983) UK

One of those unforgettable records.

Police story - The Partisans (1983) UK

Death Church - Rudimentary Peni (1983) UK

First anarcho-punk record.

Genesis - Genesis (1983) UK

Drums are so sick. Second part of the album is really awful though.

Shout at the devil - Mötley Crüe (1983) USA 
90125 - Yes (1983) UK

First record ever.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Midnight Oil (1982) Australia

Eye in the sky - The Alan Parsons Project (1982) UK

Still one of my favourite record ever, you can feel despair on its first half more than in many extreme albums.
1000 Kreuze - OHL (1982) Germany
Ohne Gnade - Chaos Z (1982) Germany

Yankees raus - Slime (1982) Germany

First political german record.

Stand strong stand proud - Vice Squad (1982) UK
Damaged - Black Flag (1981) USA

First american hardcore punk record. Very different from the british stuff.
Four - Foreigner (1981) USA

Adolescents - Adolescents (1981) USA

Punks not dead - The Exploited (1981) UK
Back in black - AC/DC (1980) UK/Australia

Killing Joke - Killing Joke (1980) UK
GI - The Germs (1979) USA
Generation X - Generation X (1979) UK

Van Halen - Van Halen (1978) USA 
Static age - Misfits (1978) USA

Road to ruin - Ramones (1978) USA

Funny how I suddenly accepted them only recently.

Rocket to Russia - Ramones (1977) USA
Nevermind the bollocks - Sex Pistols (1977) UK

Broke my brain for ever.

High voltage - AC/DC (1976) Australia

The album that made me a rock guy.

Hotel California - The Eagles (1976) USA

One of my favourite record in my early days. What happened ?!

Boston - Boston (1976) USA

Quadrophenia - The Who (1973) UK

Demons and wizards - Uriah Heep (1972) UK
Who's next ? - The Who (1971) UK

Surfin' U.S.A. - The Beach Boys (1963) USA

My favourite band during childhood.

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