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Hallo, grausame Welt !

  Nach zwei lange Monate bin ich auf diesem lächerlichen Scheissblog zurück, weil ich plötzlich nur eine grosse Lust auf alten deutschpunk Alben zu reden. Oder hat es irgendetwas zu tun mit dem Grund, dass ich mich einfach wieder mal ohne meine Freudin einsam fühle? Na ja, in jedem Fall werde ich mich ab jetzt auf Englisch ausdrücken, bevor Ihr alle vor meinen grammatikalischen Fehlern stirbt ('bin leider nur ein halb-Volksdeutscher ganz in der versauten französichen islamischen Republik verloren. Ich weiss ihr werdet es verstehn.)

  So, you're here again and so am I and what's linking us is german punk. I've already told here how I fell into the deutschpunk nebula a couple of times  but I wanted to go a little bit further as I did in a previous article (The 5 finest german punk albums from the 80s and the 90s) and focus on the other great 90s albums. Back in the 90s I was just a kid and I discovered music through old mainstream rock acts, mainly from the UK, and I attended one of the worst schools in my hometown. My youth wasn't really happy or peace nor love and it became only a matter of time before I became interested into the old UK punk like the Pistols, the Damned, the Buzzcocks and some times later into the then-current californian bands. But what kicked my ass was deutschpunk definitely, because it expressed all the negative shit I thought about "real life".

  Since those sweet days things got different but not better, both for the stupid Republic I live in and for my old bones, but I never found something close to deutschpunk. It all began in 1999 and since then those records are in my life one of the only safe and pure things far from the mainstream shitheads speeches and the consumerism I hate to its very core. So let me entertain you a few minutes with the other 90s deutschpunk records I like the most to this day. Und jetzt, retrospektiv !

01.  Es geschah am hellixten Tag - Der Dicke Polizist (1998)

  In the previous article I talked about my five favourite 90s deutschpunk records, but without any hesitation this one would have been the perfect number 6. Compared to the german legends like Terrorgruppe or das Untergangskommando those guys had nothing to be ashamed of. In quite the same way the Kommando played, they managed to use the whole emotion spectrum on songs blending sad pop melodies and raw old deutschpunk agression. In a time where the american pop-punk invaded even the french radio waves, this record was fucking brilliant. The love songs were great, the critics against society were true, the energy was everywhere but you could still  identify each track in a few seconds and share the meaning of the lyrics. A must-hear for everyone interested in german rock productions, even if you're not into anarchist stuff that much. Since then the band had some trouble before they released  in 2012 'Tempo Alter' which is one the finest modern german punk record I ever listened to.


02. Eigen Urin - Molotow Soda (2000)

  Alright the title as well as the drawing in the picture are pretty disgusting. Alright those songs have a lot in common with the Kassierier ones, but as much as I hate die Kassierier I still love Molotow Soda.  A true product of the specifically german 90s punk wave known as "Fun-punk" this record reveals catchy riffs and humourous texts. You'll find here some Oi! influences making the whole somewhat dirtier and more enjoyable. Those songs talked about street life for those who went in the streets and that was fucking great back then, believe me. To be short, this album like most of the Molotow Soda releases are those the horrible Kassieriers will never record. Why ? Because die Kassierers are what Molotow Soda would have been if they were a painful living joke.  

03. Blut - Kapitulation B.o.n.n (1997)

  Things were way more serious with Kapitulation B.o.n.n. who perpetuated the 80s deutschpunk traditions through a heavy and raw direct sound. Nothing was really new but this record carries the right amount of energy and anger a good mature political punk CD has to. The band also had no fear to use the regular themes the 80s now legendary bands used a decade ago. Society, capitalism, war were shit in the 80s and never changed their ugly faces since, so why not keep telling the bitter truth to the masses ?

04. Schweinegott - EA80 (1998) 

  One of the two bands you'll find in this list that had already some long history in the 90s, EA 80 is one the weirdest deutschpunk band I ever found, but this makes me love them even more ! If you're into post-punk and worship old british bands but sometimes feel they went too pop, then EA80 might be for you. Their very tortured sound reminds us that punk music always had a sick verse, flirting with madness and isolation. As a teenager this record shook me, and set the path for my early P.I.L and Killing Joke purchases.  

05. Normalböse - Zaunpfahl (1999)

  Coming from the East German coast the trio known as Fencepost had a broad vision of punk rock and were actually more interested in "real music" than the average guys wanting to play right-in-your-face songs. Thus they incorporated many things from acoustic parts, blues soli to simili-growled vocals into their regular Offspring-like stuff. Zaunpfahl had their own way and that was sometimes surprising, sometimes deceiving, but at least they tried. They even gave birth to some classic deutschpunk hymns. In fact what only distanced them from rock bands having roots in punk rock was their lyrics and the message they conveyed, making them an authentic punk band.

06. Seniorenresidenz - Lost Lyrics (1999)

  Some guys in Germany unvoidably had to play little nerdy ordinary stories on a soft pop-punk à la 'Milo goes to college'. Almost. The Lost Lyrics is not one of the huge deutschpunk bands but they had a soul and with their straight-to-the-point classic post-Ramones rock and their quite humourous and bitter lyrics they set a very enjoyable atmosphere on all their records. But contrary to their american predecessors they still had that arrogant and antisocial je ne sais quoi preventing them to be just another generic angsty rock band for neat teenagers.

07. Hier kommt Ärger - Betontod (1999)

  Betontod was in the 00s one of the greatest bands in Germany, becoming very melodic but still rocking hard. Their 2006 record 'Schwarzes Blut' made me forget the american bands who were suddenly not of interest anymore. But their very first release is not something anecdotic, even though it is very different from the rest of their discography. With almost a grindcore feeling, those chaotic and dislocated tracks were impressive back then. Violence and melodies were thrown in a hurry on the very same song, the way only an underground band allows itself to do, making them weird and fresh. Something I never heard before, it was still punk enough to be OK and enjoyable, but was far from the predictible schemes most of the punk bands are playing. Of course the powerful voice of Meister and the angry anti-everything lyrics made this even better, and as time went by, I fell totally in love with those frantic pieces of deutschpunk. The real symphony of destruction, folks.

08. Die Zeiten steh'n auf Krieg - Versaute Stiefkinder (1998)

  The 90s saw the rise of good-hearted punk music with bands such as Green Day that were a shame for the older 80s punks. The 90s saw multiculturalism becoming the norm in western Europe, in a totally decadent way to think every culture might be equal under the rule of the good old international capitalism. The days of the old fashioned european centralized nation States were counted, the future would be acceptance of the other wonderful customs from the overseas (...) and a slow death for the white prolets. But, but, but... 
  When I was a teenager the former eastern block suffered from many plagues but managed to avoid the shit the West imposed to itself. In the East thing were still real as well as "purely" european just like the hatred towards the System who still had that old school antisocial vibe. Among the eastern scenes the german one was the strongest because of the GDR underground acts and the great influence of the western bands. Punk was true to its core there and you could still find what made in the early 80s punk a real threat to western society, only a bit harder. This record with no subtlety got fast and straight to the point with an authentic hatred and a 'no hope' feeling that made hardcore punk something more than music for lone rich teenagers : it was a call to take the arms. The salute of  the true Europe will come from the East, fuckers, sooner or later. 

09. Ameisenstaat - Knochenfabrik (1997)

  The 'Ant State' by the Bonesfactory is one of those records you come back to on a regular basis. I can't help but those acid bittersweet short songs are simply so awesome that for time to time I feel an urgent need to put this CD on my plates. Those 23 slices of life are told on one of the most punk soundtrack you'll find out on the internet. Addictive, quite destroyed, conveying the right attitude towards modern society bullshit and the horrible centralized human States that frame our lives, everything comes from the heart here. With such titles as 'Obdachlos und trotzdem sexy', 'Filmriss', or 'Was ist bloss passiert ?' you'll reach one of punk highlights in the whole trend history, because they're at the same time emotive (in the good way), revendicative and nasty as hell.  Seriously how could you get even punker than this shit ?

10. Spiegelbild - Dödelhaie (1994)

  Once again the cover looks like nothing but the music inside the box is well better than what you can think of. Clearing the way for bands like Terrorgruppe, the Dicksharks had all a band between the european 80s hardcore and the californian 90s punk imitators could dream of back then. Enjoyable testimony of a period where punk was probably the closest to its clinical death, the formula those musicians chose is a little bit uncommon, even for 1 Mai 87 contemporaries. For example you'll find many melodic solis, most of the time you could hear what sounds like an electronic double kick along with more classical acid riffs. While not as great as some in the list, this record is still pretty decent and has many good-crafted songs. Plus it reminds me every time how the 90s fucking sucked !



 11. Blumen in Müll - Normahl (1991)

  Among my old but gold records there's for sure Wizo's debut but there's also the first Normahl record of the decade. Both shaped the deutschpunk that came in the later years, mixing the classic punk standards with heavy metal and pop music elements. While Wizo published their masterpiece Normahl went in a parralel direction, with a very clean production for that time and a deep sense of melodies, sometimes flirtings with glam or schlägers making their songs maybe a litlle bit too german for foreigners. Nonetheless I've always liked their sound, remeniscent of the punkiest Ärzte songs and if you like MTV pop-punk you could also find something interesting here, I especially recommend you tracks like 'Keine Überdosis Deutschland' or 'Drecksau'. Or maybe this record is plain shit and I only like it because of the nostalgia.

12. Die Zeit ist ein Mörder - Baffdecks (1993)

  And now let's talk the weirdest album in this list. At the end of the 80s punk searched for a new direction and found nothing. Thrash metal had stolen its place on the "angry music" throne by the end of the decade and many had the temptation to become thrash or boring generic hard rock band using metal elements. Even the Onkelz flirted with thrash back then ! The Germans sucked horribly for this kind of stuff and hopefully have forgotten to produce inbred albums like this one  for a very long time. Indigestible as fuck 'Die Zeit ist ein Mörder' is a true music experience where 'too much' become very concrete words. Between plain shit and genius, I love this album like someone could love lame ducks. To borrow hardcore riffs, steal random things from metal bands with keyboards (!) and to add it to some kind of lazy Inferno before finally releasing it, meant having some serious guts. Believe me you were not prepared for such a thing. Oh and btw the very name of this shitty blog is inspired by one of those disturbed songs.


14. Der Schlag ins Leere - Kalte Zeiten (1996)

  With this record you'll fin great music despite an eye-burning picture. Again. If you liked the old Offspring stuff as well as the old californian bands like I did you'll probably enjoy those typically 90s punk songs like I did. The tempo is fast but melodies make the core of the whole production, and that very punk vibe is everywhere with from time to time almost a grunge touch. That's great but once again the icing on the cake are the lyrics, which are surprisingly intelligent and fair for such  an underrated local punk band. There's no bullshit here, only the bitter truth and self-centered feelings put on nice and sometimes quite technical rythms. This said I'd like to add that some songs are really moving here ('Biji Kurdistan' who'll make you hang a PKK flag upon your bed, ' Schluss ! Es reicht !" with some awesome authentic punk rap, 'Ein neuer Tag' or 'Ein anderes Lied' dealing with the ordinary life blues). An obscure and highly recommended lost deutschpunk 90s gem !

There's no video of this one on YT (!) but if you can grab it do it !

BONUS 1. Im nächsten Leben - 4 Promille (1999)


  When you're into punk you can't avoid for a long time the Oi! thing. Although some tracks are totaly ridiculous on this record like the one about Popeye the Sailor (...), this stays my absolute favourite Oi! album. At the same time punk as fuck and with that unique street touch only Oi! has, you'll find heart-warming working class anthems, first class melodies and humorous social critics. Seriously if 'Oiropa' or 'Bullen und Schweine' let you completly cold go hang yourself ! 4Promille started as a very shitty band with a far-right background but hopefully changed into one of the best Oi! bands from the german gutters.

BONUS 2. Best before 2000 - Oxymoron (1999)

   I only barely talk here about german punk bands that chose to sing in english because I was so obsessed with the german language that I just ignored them. Why the fuck did they let the german language out ? Why did they chose to conform to the mainstream american-dominated world culture ? If they were french I would have understood, I myself never played in a band singing in our mothertongue (which is obviously for pussies...) and managed to always have english lyrics in the songs I played. But such german bands are really missing something IMO. There's nonetheless one fucking exception to this rule. Oxymoron was an outstanding act that respected everything the 80s so-called underclass british punk created -they could have been One Way System's hidden sons- and made it in their late records even better when they became a little bit more melodic. This recipe is the reason why every track on this record is an absolute classic, be it about the sound or the attitude. Sure it was best before 2000 but today it's also still pretty decent and you won't notice that 15 long boring years have since passed. 15 years, oh God...

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