mardi 29 janvier 2013


  Hey folks, for once I'll share my so interesting thoughts of the moment with you. Sure, praise me.
No seriously, I lived in stress those last days.

  At the beginning of this blog, I just had enough and got bored to death with the French musical landscape, like never before, so I decided to make something on my own, overcoming my pseudo-leftist paranoid reluctances.
For a short time it was fun, yeah.
I was the first one in my mothertongue to ever talk about the music I love since I'm 13.

  Then, I should had know it, came the first disturbing readers. It's only goin' harder and harder to ignore them, although they're just a very small minority.
During the 90s the local nerds, wasting their life time on the Web, were right only on one point, it fuckin' links you with the rest of this fuckin' world.
So long you're just another sheep watching YouTube or porn, I guess, it ain't such a big deal, but once you crossed the Rubicon and became somewhat active, it can be a lot different.

  Because in this world, there's plenty of people we don't wanna meet. Or be read by them.
The major companies and the cops, of course. The criminals. And what's worst,the ideological enemies (don't count hippies, they're still douchebags, so no worries about them).
You know what I'm talking about, that part of the world, all against Human Rights, free women, freedom of speech or belief.
Those guys, you would meet twice in your real life (unless you live in the eastern part of France, ouch), but see every day on CNN, Sky 1 or whatever.
And sometimes, I just feel uncomfortable with the idea they do exist, they do are numerous, and that they're not so far.
If I ever stop to write here, it would be for this reason.

Stay tuned, believe in anarchy (but not too firmly), and fuck the rest :p

Nota bene : English is not my mother-tongue, so be kind. I do know my grammatics and vocabulary are a little bit rusty. Blame France, blame the French School, and the french teachers, it's easier that way.

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